Wanted: Alaska WWAMI Admissions Committee members

The Alaska WWAMI Admissions Committee is actively searching for new members who are available to interview medical school applicants in a collegial setting in Anchorage and interact with the other members of the committee to help nominate candidates for admission to Alaska's medical school. We have identified the following desirable qualities:

1. Availability for interviews for approximately two weeks each winter to interview prospective students. Only travel-associated expenses are reimbursed for this activity.

2. Willingness to become familiar with 20 to 30 applications – each is approximately 40 pages long and must be reviewed prior to the interviews.

3. Tech and computer savvy with access to high speed internet; all admissions work is conducted online and by e-mail.

4. Understanding of the unique challenges in providing medical care in our diverse state. We are especially interested in representing the broad spectrum of medical specialties and all areas of the state.

5. Understanding of Alaska's physician workforce needs.

6. Understanding and appreciation of the unique contributions and importance of Alaska's Native Peoples to healthcare in the state.

7. Willingness to serve for 6 years to provide continuity in Committee dealings.

If you have already submitted your name we would appreciate a confirmation of your continued interest. Others interested in helping to identify the next generation of physicians for Alaska, please send a short statement explaining your interest (≤ 1 page) and a brief CV to:

Alaska WWAMI School of Medical Education

University of Alaska Anchorage

3211 Providence Dr., HSB 301

Anchorage, AK 99508

Attn: Maryann Kniffen