In 2017 ASMA Partnered with the AMA's Scope of Practice Partnership to initiate the Truth in Advertising campaign.  This campaign was designed to educate Alaskans about training and education levels received by doctors in an effort to make better informed decisions when choosing specialists. Our goals were to remain objective while delivering an easy to understand message.

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The Physician Health Committee

The Physician Health Committee was established more than 30 years ago and appreciates the support from many hospitals and associations throughout the state. We are dedicated to the outreach, treatment and rehabilitation of physicians who are ill; consistent with the needs of public safety. The PHC refers physicians who may be ill to highly skilled specialists for evaluation/treatment and then provides monitoring once clinical stability or remission of their disorder is attained.  Participant confidentiality is strongly protected but the committee also works with the State Medical Board to support physicians in recovery.  For further information please feel free to contact the committee coordinator, Pam Ventgen or the medical director, Dr. MaryAnn Foland at 907-903-1848.