Leadership Program Taking Applications


The Future Alaska Medical Leaders program (FAMLI) in partnership with the Physician Foundation is offering another leadership program in 2021.  ASMA received grant funding to run the program in 2020 and 2021.  We had 11 participants in 2020 and can take up to 15 participants in 2021.  There are no fees for this program due to the grant funding, but applicants must be current members of ASMA. Additionally, participants can earn 30+ hours of CME for completing the program.

In 2020 most of the participants were from the Anchorage area.  The sessions began in person and half the program was completed before COVID-19 hit.  The remaining sessions were picked up in the fall and delivered via Zoom.  Though there are disadvantages to Zoom it does make the program more available to outlying areas, so we are especially targeting physicians in smaller Alaska communities to participate in the 2021 program.  There are six sections that are divided into twelve half-day sessions that will run January through 

May 2021.  Here is what a couple of the current participants had to say about the program:

“Most of us were not taught leadership principles during medical school.  This course has been invaluable in being a leader for my state but also in my own practice.  Then COVID hit and this became even more important.  It has really helped me navigate these even more challenging times.” (Melinda Rathkopf, M.D.)

“Physicians are very highly trained, but even after med school, residency, and fellowship I knew there was a lot I'd missed.  We learned an awful lot about human biology but I don't recall spending an hour of training on running a business with 300 employees, the interpersonal dynamics of a complex practice, or strategic skills revolving around long term goals and partnerships.  I'd graduated from 27th grade, but still had to learn all these other subjects on the street!  So you can imagine my appreciation for reasoned advice on leadership and strategic thinking.  I'm very grateful to ASMA for offering this opportunity and recommend this for any medical professional facing the challenges of leadership.” (Steven J. Compton, M.D.)

More information and application forms are on the website www.asmadocs.org or contact Pam Ventgen at pventgen@asmadocs.org.  Application deadline is November 15, 2020.


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