Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees (BOT) is the operational authority for ASMA’s day-to-day activities. Its actions are subject to the approval of the House of Delegates. Members are elected at the Annual Meeting of the General Assembly in the spring of each year.

ASMA Board of Trustees

Picture LogoFull NamePosition
Dr. Mary Ann Foland, MDAlternate Delegate to the AMA
Dr. Alex D. Malter, MDDelegate to the AMA
Dr. Joseph H. Roth, MDImmediate Past President
Dr. Elisha Powell, IV, MDPresident
Dr. Steven J. Sivils, MDPresident-Elect
Dr. Rhene Merkouris, MDSecretary/Treasurer
Dr. Jessica E. Panko, MDSecretary/Treasurer Elect
Dr. Melinda M. Rathkopf, MDSpeaker of the House of Delegates
Dr. Janice Sheufelt, MDTrustee, Judicial District 1
Dr. Clay M. Triplehorn, DOTrustee, Judicial Districts 2 & 4
Dr. J Ross Tanner, DOTrustee, Kenai Peninsula

House of Delegates

The House of Delegates (HOD) sets policy regarding the structure, scope and direction of ASMA and its activities. It reviews and serves as the approval authority for the actions of the BOT.  The HOD consists of the officers, elected delegates and the one non-voting representative of the affiliate members (physician assistants). 

House of Delegates

Picture LogoPositionFull Name
Anchorage DelegateDr. Jeanne R. Bonar, MD
Anchorage DelegateDr. Monique L. Child, MD
Anchorage DelegateDr. Wendy Cruz, MD
Anchorage DelegateDr. Jeffrey G. Demain, MD
Anchorage DelegateDr. Kristina Eaton, MD
Anchorage DelegateDr. Dwight M. Ellerbe, MD
Anchorage DelegateDr. Ilona Farr, MD
Anchorage DelegateDr. Nancy Greenwell, DO
Anchorage DelegateDr. Irina Ivanovna Grimberg, MD
Anchorage DelegateDr. Donald Ives, MD
Anchorage DelegateDr. Christina Magill, MD
Anchorage DelegateDr. Rhene Merkouris, MD
Anchorage DelegateDr. Eric J. Miknich, MD
Anchorage DelegateDr. Charles Ryan, MD
Anchorage DelegateDr. Thomas Senter, MD
Anchorage DelegateDr. Jann L. Urban, MD
Anchorage DelegateDr. Kathleen E. Young
Fairbanks DelegateDr. Peter D. Lawrason, MD
Fairbanks DelegateDr. Jessica E. Panko, MD
Juneau DelegateDr. Mignon F. Benjamin, MD
Juneau DelegateDr. Joseph H. Roth, MD
Kenai Peninsula DelegateDr. Curt Buchholz, MD
Kenai Peninsula DelegateDr. Henry G. Krull, MD
Ketchikan DelegateDr. Robert R. Gibson, DO