Grievance Committee

The Alaska State Medical Association's Grievance Committee is committed to investigating and mediating complaints regarding the practice of medicine by licensed MDs and DOs in Alaska. If the physician is a subject of a grievance and is a member of the association, the Grievance Committee shall screen, review, and attempt to mediate the complaints as appropriate, pursuant to the rules and regulations of this association. ASMA's Grievance Committee is not a state program and therefore has no authority over a physician's license or ability to practice. If the physician is not a member of this association, the Grievance Committee may consider the complaint only if the physician agrees, in writing, to be subject to the rules of the association.      

If you would like to file a grievance against an MD or DO licensed in Alaska, please supply details of your concern on a grievance complaint form (see below) and return it, along with a medical records release (also below), by mail, email or fax. Once ASMA has received your grievance packet, medical records will be requested from the physician in question. When medical records are received, a member of our committee will be assigned to your case and will contact you regarding the investigation. The average completion time of a grievance investigation is three months. Should you have any questions please contact Office Manager Cassie Jeanes at (907) 562-0304 or


Grievance Complaint Form
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Medical Records Release
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